Places you should go: Casa Corcovado, Costa Rica

I would like to apologize in advance for the length of this post… I cannot say enough amazing things about Casa Corcovado, Costa Rica.  Even the epic rainforest humidity didn’t bother me! It is rugged, luxurious, adventurous and exotic all in one, and was the best way to end our two week Costa Rican vacation. My love affair all started with the amazing journey to even get to the hotel.

Step One: Plane

We took a tiny propeller plane to the middle of the rain forest. It’s the type of plane where they have to weigh you and then seat everyone on the plane according to their respective weights to keep the entire machine in balance.

Step Two: Boat

The first half of the trip was through the mangroves – the driver weaved magically in and out of the  vegetation and there was so much wildlife to see on the way. (The small monkeys were my favorite). The final hour of the journey is on the ocean and dolphins swam alongside the boat the entire time. We finally arrived at a beach with an oh-so-graceful “wet-landing”.

Step Three: Tractor (seriously)

The hotel staff fondly referred to the tractor as the “jungle limo”. It pulled us and our luggage up a steep hill and, after 5 hours of traveling, we finally arrived at our destination.


Casa Corcovado is stunning, entirely eco-friendly, built on a cliff, and has magnificent views of Cano island. It is also surrounded by a protected rainforest, so the wildlife is abundant and ever-present. The hotel itself has a game room, small spa, 2 bars, a restaurant, gift shop, two pools and only twelve bungalows. So we were thoroughly spoiled. The bunaglows are spread throughout the property so you often see monkeys, tapirs, and coatis while moving around the resort.

Our days were spent trekking through the rainforest, hanging at the pool, snorkeling (we saw so many sharks!), indulging in beach picnics, and much more. I apologize in advance for my picture overload but here are a couple of my favorite snaps.

View from the plane


"Wet Landing"

“Wet Landing”

Cano Island

image (4) copy


beach hike

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Gift Guide: The Boss

Bosses are tricky, and buying them a holiday gift can be even trickier. When it comes to gift buying for your boss, you want to ensure it’s personal, sincere, and appropriate.  Here are a couple of my favorite gift picks for the boss:

Untitled #9

Clockwise from left to right:

2015 Calendar : Great idea for men or a boss who your aren’t very close with. Perfectly professional.
Dammit Dolls: Allows them to get out all their frustrations in a healthy way! (May not be appropriate for all colleagues).
Bottle of Wine: You really can’t go wrong here.
Adorable Notebooks: Perfect for jotting down notes, and looking chic in all meetings.
The Perfect Candle: This smells seriously good, and again is wildly appropriate.
 Tory Burch Soap Set: Perfect for the girlie boss!
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High Collar

Is there anything more insta-glam than a high collar? Along with a good pair of boots or sleek white jeans, high collars are just one of those things that an effortless chic factor to any outfit. I love this J.Crew blouse (old) and since it draws attention upward, it felt like the perfect opportunity for a good statement earring (or sparkle earrings, and I prefer to call them). Not that I ever need an excuse… You can find similar pairs here and here.

Bear Hunt         IMG_9149



Enough pictures…time for coffee!

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