For your Fit Friends

It seems like every 20-something goes through a phase where fitness is their big thing. Sometimes it comes from watching the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show like we did last night, or sometimes it lasts forever. We all know these girls: they post #screenshots of their MapMyRun results, or Instagram their new sneaks. Don’t get us wrong.. we did the same with my printed workout pants, so we can’t judge. An active life is trendy and our fit friends make shopping for presents SO easy. Here are a few faves:

fit friends

: We all know what it is. Go glam with the Tory Burch styles (I especially love the gold), or more neutral with the Flex. I think the best little-known feature of the FitBit is that it tracks your sleep! As a gal who is due to inherit my mom’s insomnia any day now, I would really like to know just how much REM I’m getting.

Fabletics: Think BirchBox, but for workout gear. Fabletics was started by Kate Hudson, which is almost reason enough to support it. The site has you fill out a quick survey about how you (or your Fit Friend) exercise(s), your body type, your budget, etc. and makes recommendations on athletic wear just for you! The VIP membership gives you personalized picks on the first of each month, at very reasonable prices. Don’t want a subscription? Just check back and get new recommendations when you’re looking to spice up your workout apparel! Bonus: this makes for a very affordable gift, because your (or your friend’s) first full outfit is only $25!

Water Bobble: No, that’s not a typo. Bobble makes great water bottles with built-in filters, so you never have to worry about the water fountain again. They’re dishwasher safe (a must) and come in a variety of sizes and colors. Have we mentioned how #green and economical a reusable water bottle is?

ClassPass: This is the gift that keeps on giving! The option to gift 1 class, 1 month, or 3 months makes this friendly for a variety of budgets. Plus, what could be better than a good sweat after holiday indulgences? Bonus–50 in rewards when you give as a gift?? (double check emails)

Colorful Kicks: I love all colors/styles by Asics and Nike

Broga Mat: Not only do they have a puny name, these things are hilarious. With mats and bags disguised to look like logs, burritos, printed to match your guy’s flannel, and more, this is the perfect gift for your favorite male yogi, or as a conversation starter for a gal pal.

Foam Roller: Need I say more? I love these bright colors (including camo!)

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