Gift Guide: The Boss

Bosses are tricky, and buying them a holiday gift can be even trickier. When it comes to gift buying for your boss, you want to ensure it’s personal, sincere, and appropriate.  Here are a couple of my favorite gift picks for the boss:

Untitled #9

Clockwise from left to right:

2015 Calendar : Great idea for men or a boss who your aren’t very close with. Perfectly professional.
Dammit Dolls: Allows them to get out all their frustrations in a healthy way! (May not be appropriate for all colleagues).
Bottle of Wine: You really can’t go wrong here.
Adorable Notebooks: Perfect for jotting down notes, and looking chic in all meetings.
The Perfect Candle: This smells seriously good, and again is wildly appropriate.
 Tory Burch Soap Set: Perfect for the girlie boss!
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One Response to Gift Guide: The Boss

  1. elmundooo says:

    Lovely Outfit ❤


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