Gift Guides: The Mom

I think my parents are my favorite people to give gifts to, perhaps because I feel the need to make up for all their years of Santa-ing. I remember being in fifth grade, 10 years old (naive and gullible are my middle names), on the way to Christmas Eve at my grandparents’ house and selfishly asking: “Mom, if Grandma and Granddad, and my siblings, and Santa give me gifts, and I give you and Dad gifts, why don’t you guys ever get me anything?” …Yikes. My Mother oh-so-gracefully responded: “Momo, everyone has a Santa Clause, and we are lucky enough to be yours.”

Of course, my mind was blown and I probably didn’t speak for the rest of the day, which at age 10 was the best gift I could have given them. But, I digress: Nothing feels better than giving a good gift to a loved one, and especially to the mothers who tirelessly loved and cared for us for so many years–and still do! Here are a few ideas for the most important lady in your life:

Fleece-Lined Flannel: For some moms, this may become at-home-only loungewear. For the no-frills moms like mine, this is great for staying warm on long winter walks or while out running errands. I love the sapphire and sea glass prints.


Bee Happy Loafers: These flats are so easy to wear, comfy, and couldn’t be mom-ier. I love that the navy will match my mom’s standard uniform of khakis or colored chinos, and I know they will have her smiling every time she looks down.


Cashmere Sweater: Can you ever have enough cozy sweaters? Certainly not. You already know my love for Everlane, and it continues with this slouchy v-neck. I’d also recommend the swing trench, but it’s hard to give a Christmas gift that can’t be worn in chilly weather!

Wicked Good Slippers or Mocs: Fleece-lined. Need I say more? No matter the season, my slippers (which are, in fact, moccasins) are an integral part of my daily routine. They are the first thing my feet touch in the morning, and are a great source of comfort in my pre-bedtime hours, especially after long days on my feet! These are perfect to keep mom’s toes cozy while she relaxes, and the hard soles are sturdy enough if she has to step outside for a few minutes.

105120_926_41 130484_926_41

The Secret to Beautiful Hands: Between all her cooking, hosting, cleaning, baking, and general non-stop lifestyle, my mom’s hands are often drier than the Sahara! I love that this set allows her to pamper herself, and that I can reap the benefits as well when I stop by home.


Holiday Plates: Not only are these lovely for displaying her fantastic baked goods, they feature mine and my mom’s favorite cookie recipe on the back!


Capri Blue Candle: I love that these candles have a clean and refreshing scent, in no way comparable to “Christmas Tree” or “Sugar Cookie” or “Peppermint” or the ever-basic “Pumpkin Spice”. This one is “giant” indeed, and has a simple look to fit in any room in the house!


Happy shopping!

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2 Responses to Gift Guides: The Mom

  1. Amanda Bella says:

    I love shopping for my parents too! My Mom always does everything to make our holidays really special & it’s nice to be able to shower her with goodies too :).

    PS – Those Bee Happy loafers are everything!! SO cute!!

    Liked by 1 person

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