I thought I’d discovered the ‘next big thing’ when I bought my new trench a few weeks ago. The maker, Everlane, offers modern basics at affordable prices by giving their customers a completely transparent look at their production process. Their website details the ways they cut costs, and what sets them apart. They’re all online and offer both free shipping and returns, allowing customers to try on their products from the comfort of home. As someone who spends a lot of time in dressing rooms (I am too short not to try on every. single. thing.), this was super appealing to me. I love the clarity Everlane offers to customers. For each product they sell, they list pricing for materials, hardware, labor, duties, and transport, and give you the true price so you know exactly what their markup is. How can you not love that honesty? They explain their “radical transparency” through three simple policies: know your factories, know your costs, and always ask why.

Always Ask Why

We constantly challenge the status quo. Nothing is worse than complacency, and as a brand our culture is to dissect every single decision we make at every level of the company.

Not bad advice, for a company or personally. Read more about Everlane here. I love the chic simplicity of their styles, and that their prices won’t break the bank.

While I was thrilled about what I assumed to be a momentous discovery, I forgot that in all things Fashion and Spotify, Kim will always be ahead of the curve. Funny enough, it turns out Kim and her sister adore Everlane, and swear by their cashmere sweaters, duffels, and, of course, the swing trench. Here are a few other things I’m eyeing:

Everlane favorites
Clockwise, from the top left: Slouchy Cashmere Tunic in Dark Grey, Petra Crossbody in Brown/Grey, Cashmere Crew in Light Grey, Silk Pocket in White, Infinity Scarf in Tan, and Silk Point Collar in Red Clay.

Happy Shopping!

And a bonus for all those with a passion for fashion: they’re hiring!

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10 Responses to Everlane

  1. mushkaj says:

    Thanks for sharing. Great piecess!


  2. Sienna says:

    that scarf looks so comfy


  3. Kate says:

    I love Everlane. They have quality pieces for women and men, and the styles are so perfect.


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