How I’ve Become My Mother

Growing up, my Mom’s form of “girl time” was nearly always going for walks. Whether it was my aunts, our neighbors, her childhood bff, or my childhood bff’s mom, walking was her social outlet. I never understood it, and the way they pumped their arms while power-walking in swishy jackets (think: 80’s aerobic video) was more than I could take. My best friend and I used to refer to it as “geek-walking”.

The thing is… it’s my new favorite way to spend time with friends. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good night out for dinner/drinks, but when you have hours of catching up to do and the weather is lovely, it is SO nice to just go for a long stroll with a friend. In addition to the obvious social benefit, it is active, a great chance to get outside and explore, and free! Talk about killing two birds with one stone..

So next time you and your best gals are making plans for happy hour or a big brunch, throw on your sneaks and colorful leggings and hit the pavement for a Mom Walk instead! Don’t forget some cash or your card for when you inevitably go for fro yo after. And maybe your ID juuust in case.

unnamed (2)

unnamed (3) unnamed

Leggings: Onzie, Capri Pant in Solar System
Sneaks: Asics (These are old, I adore all their brightly-colored styles!)
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